Founding Members

Ilaria Masala-General Medicine; Italian student, moved in life from passion and curiosity, interested in learning and making new experiences every day. I am really enthusiastic about medicine from the point of view of the allure of the human body and its mechanims, and the possibility to help other people. In addition, I love learning about new cultures and languages, therefore I hope, through this experience with ISOT, to share with others the love for medicine in an amusing international context.
Hanan Al Ghawi – Dental Medicine; Studying abroad takes courage, curiosity and an open mind. That is what most of the international students here in Timisoara have in common. Together with the interest and passion for medicine. Having the opportunity to make a change and represent students’ interests is a great chance. ISOT is giving everyone the possibility to engage in the international community in Timisoara. I’m excited about the future of ISOT.
Hannes Roithmeyer-Dental Medicine; Hi there, my name is Hannes, i am from Germany, i have a degree in dental Technics and study dentistry. In every university around the world it is common to have an organization representing the interests of the students. As in Timisoara so many people coming from different countries studying in the same university it is inevitable to have an student organization. I think ISOT is the best way to achieve this goal. If you need anything regarding dentistry feel free to ask.
Fares JamalEddin-Dental Medicine; Timisoara has given me a lot, it changed my way of thinking dramatically, it widened my horizon and shaped the person I am now. This experience I am living in Victor Babes university is worth a fortune, and is worth to be shared. ISOT will be the tool to connect the students to the highest academic level accompanied with the most open social experience.
Noor D’Souza-General Medicine; I’m a student from India and I’ve co-founded ISOT as I believe there is an important need to address issues and cater to the needs of international students studying in this city. There is a significantly large international student population in this city and our organization aims to bring them together. This will help promote sharing of cultures and experiences. It will help in fostering a strong bond within the student community. In my opinion, ISOT can help create a safe space for students where they can express their views so as to improve the quality of education and thus promote an overall positive learning experience.


Fanis Kalogeropoulos-General Medicine; Ready to cooperate for the common good, easily accessible for anyone in need,fresh ideas. Ambitious, passion for the field of dentistry and medicine in general. Enthusiastic for promoting the evolution in my field and social environment around me.
Katerina Mara-General Medicine; Hi! My name is Katerina and I’m from Greece. There’s many things I love doing; I like to write. I like to read. I like camping. I like clubbing. I like to talk and to listen. I think I like every aspect of life. I’m as simple as you! See you in ISOT!
Johannis Munch-General Medicine; Originally coming from Germany I took the decision to study general medicine at UMFT Victor Babes in Timisoara. In addition to our university curriculum there are a few more things I would wish to add in future such as social events and workshops to reach a successful student life. I am a person which loves to learn something new and wants to share this knowledge so I am looking forward to participate at exciting projects of our organization!
Christos Maras-Dental Medicine; Hey, I m Christos and I come from Greece. I m a dental student in the English section of our university since 2013. I m really glad I m one of the founding members of ISOT and I m very optimistic about it. New experiences are in front of us. Cheers
Antonis Perdiu-Dental Medicine; Hello, My name is Antonis and i love teaching and sharing knowledge. Im looking forward to meet you and have a great coorporation with all of you. The reason of founding ISOT is ti bring all the students closer to achieving their dreams through fun and learning.
David Emler-General Medicine; Hello my name is David, I’m from the little city of Geneva in Switzerland. I’m a 3rd year student in faculty of general medicine in Timisoara. I am a ISOT member and participate as a Vice-president of management which consist of organising and coordinating the actions of the social, cultural affairs department. I hope to bring students together through diverse activities and events as well as integrate the news students here in Timisoara. Also we want to bring joy and fun !
Osama Ajam Oghli-General Medicine; I’m a person who loves to step out of my Comfort for i believe There’s no Growth in the Comfort Zone therefore everyday is an adventure to me. I helped create ISOT because its a prime example of what i believe in which is the power of change. We’ve been always told to go with the flow and leave things be without a better change saying its out of our power, Well ISOT proves the opposite ! We seek a better place for all so join us and make us stronger because … Our Power is You !
Ioana Gheorghiu-Dental Medicine; Having the time of my life (so far) studying very interesting things in a beautiful city, so i want to share the best memories of our student life with all international students. I also Hope to develop a dense program of extracurricular activities including education as much as fun and culture. lastley I’m Eager to expand our medical horizons together while building a strong community that protects student’s interests.