Academic Affairs Department


  1. The Council of Academics is the student’s affairs entity of the Association. It is at the disposal of the Board.
  2. It shall organize the election of years representatives to take place for each academic year for each section of each one of the three respective Faculties within the UMFT.
  3. It shall be aware of students concerns with their educational departments and access up-to-date information regarding the course of their academic activity within the UMFT.
  4. Shall determine the students’ needs, gather their feedback and provide general and particular representation and support whenever necessary.
  5. Shall monitor the quality of the learning process of all modules with the assistance of the respective Year Representatives.
  6. Shall initiate, support and organize academic enrichment programs.
  7. Shall guard the integrity of the learning process and ensure all educational subjects are carried out with honesty, transparency, fairness, morality and away from corruption and bribery.
  8. Shall provide support in situations when the rights or interests of one or more students are violated or threatened.
  9. Shall promote collaborations with other organizations and institutions of Romania and abroad.


  • The Vice president for Academics.
  • The Academic Manager of medicine.
  • The Academic Manager of dentistry.
  • The academic Manager of pharmacy.
  • The year representatives from each Academic year, of each respective faculty.