Dental medicine affairs

Duties of the Manager of Dentistry Affairs:

  1. To actively work on the development and amelioration of the student’s academic courses in the dentistry faculty within UMFT.
  2. To have a total awareness and understanding in the faculty of Dentistry and UMFT rules and regulations.
  3. To ensure a clear communication between the Board and the Class Representatives of the Dentistry Faculty.
  4. To meet with the complete Academic Affairs Dept. twice per months, or when needed, as well as with the educational advisers in order to give feedback and constructive reviews aiming to improve the university life of the student.
  5. To meet with the Class Representatives of the Dentistry faculty whenever needed (or if demanded) in order to discuss and solve the challenges faced by the faculty’s students.
  6. To arrange the election of the Class representatives of the Dentistry faculty at the beginning of each academic year and have regular meetings with the Representatives.

Duties of the class’s Representatives:

  1. Class Representatives shall have a complete knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara ‘Victor Babes’
  2. Shall be prepared to mediate with the faculty members as well as with the Academic Council/managers on behalf of the entire year or on behalf of a group of students when facing challenges and problems arise.
  3. Class Representatives shall have a complete awareness of the challenges and complications of their respective academic year, and ensure a good communication of it towards the Academic Officers of their faculty in order to improve the scholastic life of the students.


  • the manager of Dentistry Affairs
  • The class representatives from all the six years of the Dentistry faculty-English section.