Da! vorbesc Română opening

Da! vorbesc Romana, is a project initiated by ISOT-International Students’ Organization of Timisoara with the collaboration with the faculty of Letters, History, and Theology-UVT to establish a permanent effective Romanian course for the International students’ within UMFT.

One of ISOT mission’s lies behind certain issues challenging the international students and remain unsolved. such issues like integrating the International Students together with their Romanian fellows, working on developing the local communities, and establishing cultural exchange in theoretical and practical sense. Learning Romanian will help you to pass through those difficulties accompanied with the improvement of your studies within the UMFT.

We understand the frustration to find a suitable Romanian course, effective and on budget especially when our university’s courses are inadequate, short and crowded. so for that ISOT is working on a collaboration with the VEST university (the faculty of letters, history and theology) in order to launch a permanent course with symbolic prices for the International students’ community within UMFT with the priority for ISOT members!.


Registration period : 11/Feb/2018 – 18/Feb/2018

Payment : 18/Feb/2018 – 23/Feb/2018

First Course : 3/Mars/2018


ISOT Members : 250 Lei

Non-ISOT Members: 300 Lei

*Priority will be given to ISOT members in registration.


Abdulkader Allalo,
Project Manager