Residency Around the World Project

As international medical students we know how fundamental it is to prepare for your future by gaining knowledge and experience as much as possible. We are launching “Residency around the world” project, a project designated to assisting students acquire more information about the specializing in variety of countries and the steps required to achieve your goal of secure the spot you always have been looking for.

Launching this project is a big step towards improvement and enhancement of both the university and Students’ academic experience. We hope it provides all the help you need as a student and we are glad to provide any extra information needed. The aim of “Residency around the World” is not just to provide information but also make UMFTVB a more suitable university for students wishing to proceed with their residency and contribute in our success.

We appreciate the efforts of everyone who has participated in this project and special thanks to Dr. Serban Maierean for all the support and his initiative in this project.

Serban Maierean – Project manager and North America division leader